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"The Professional Chapters of ACM SIGGRAPH play an
essential role in

the exchange of information in the global computer
graphics community.

Congratulations on the formation of Tokyo ACM/SIGGRAPH !"


Holly Rushmeier


ACM Transactions on Graphics


Research Staff Member

IBM TJ Watson Research Center


Congratulations on organizing a new professional chapter
of ACM/Siggraph. I

have always been impressed with the quality of papers
submitted from Japan,


with the presence of a professional chapter in Tokyo, I
look forward to even

greater things ahead.


Marc Levoy

Associate Professor

Computer Science Department

Stanford University


Congratulations on forming your new Tokyo SIGGRAPH
chapter. I hope you have

success in organizing interesting local events.


Nelson Max

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


Congratulations on founding the Tokyo chapter of ACM

despite its American

beginnings, has succeeded in becoming a global
institution. Growing up in

England, it was SIGGRAPH which

guided my interest in graphics when I was in college, and
ultimately my

career. Not only has it encouraged the free exchange of
ideas but it has

welcomed contributions from around the world and draws
upon a peer group of

reviewers from many countries, including Japan.


I wish your local chapter every success.


Dr. Gavin Miller,

Manager of Graphics Research, Apple Computer, Inc.

and SIGGRAPH papers committee member for 1997.


Congratulations on forming a Tokyo chapter of SIGGRAPH! I
am delighted

that the international community of computer graphics has
grown in such a

positive way. I wish you the best of luck!


Andrew Glassner


The Microsoft Network


I am pleased that Tokyo has set up a local ACM SIGGRAPH
chapter. I look

forward to working with my associates in Japan. Indeed, it
is a very

interesting time for all of us involved in Computer


Scott Ross


Digital Domain


Dear Tokyo ACM/SIGGRAPH Members:


I want to congratulate all of you who were involved in
launching the Tokyo

ACM/SIGGRAPH Professional Chapter. Inakage-san, myself and
many others have

talked for some time about the importance of having an
active local

presence in Tokyo for SIGGRAPH, and it is exciting to see
this vision

become a reality.


In particular, the leadership efforts of Masa Inakage are
most appreciated

and should be recognized. Inakage-san has been the
champion of this project

since we began discussing the concept when building the
SIGGRAPH 95 team.

Congratulations and best of luck to you all!


Peter Meechan

Past Conference Co-Chair



I've found that among the most rewarding benefits of
membership in SIGGRAPH

are the Local Groups and their functions. It's a great way
to meet the


in your area who share your interests, to socialize with
them, and to keep

abreast of what's happening in your area. I'm delighted to
hear of the

creation of the Tokyo SIGGRAPH Local Group, and I wish you
the greatest


and enjoyment in this new alliance.


Ken Musgrave

Principle Software Developer, Digital Domain

Senior Scientist, Bethesda Softworks


Congratulations upon the initiation of Tokyo ACM/SIGGRAPH.
Since Tokyo has

been the center of such great computer animation activity,
it is wonderful

to hear of the establishment of this chapter.

I wish you and all of the chapter members best wishes for

Jim Kristoff


MetroLight Studios


A strong community is the heart of a strong industry. I
salute the

members of Tokyo ACM/SIGGRAPH on the birth of their
community, and wish

them every success.


Mark Pesce

Co-Inventor, VRML


Congratulations to the members of the new Tokyo
ACM/SIGGRAPH professional

chapter! The formation of this organization is a major
step in realizing


promise of the international advancement of computer
graphics art and

technology. Welcome to a world in creation!

Lance Williams

Director of Graphic Software Development,

DreamWorks SKG


Congratulations on the establishment of SIGGRAPH in Tokyo.
I recall my first

SIGGRAPH meeting which included less than twenty people,
all considered


Almost a quarter of a century later, computer graphics is
not only


but part of daily life. You are doing a great service in
bringing this

tradition to Japan.


Nicholas Negroponte

founder and the director of MIT Media Laboratory


I am delighted to hear that you are starting an ACM

Professional Chapter in Tokyo. Congratulations to you and

your members on taking this important step. SIGGRAPH takes

great pride in the activities and participation of its

members and is very pleased to have you join us, and we
l ook

forward to seeing great things from you.


Steve Cunningham


Professor of Computer Science, California State University


Congratulations on forming Tokyo ACM/SIGGRAPH.

I have found that my association with colleagues

through SIGGRAPH has been exceptionally rewarding.

Ed Catmull, Pixar

Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer

in the Office of the President


Congratulations on establishing a professional chapter of

Tokyo! Computer graphics has long been an area where Japan
has had an

important impact on the world. This chapter is yet another

that underlines your importance to computer graphics.

Jim Kajiya


Microsoft Corporation


Congratulations to the founding members of the Tokyo
Siggraph Chapter. Your newly formed chapter

is continuing a 50-year tradition of innovation,

providing a place where scientists and artists meet to
exchange ideas,

creative aspirations and accomplishments.

Best wishes from Carl Rosendahl, President, Pacific Data


Congratulations on the creation of the Tokyo chapter of

Japan has been very

active in the computer graphics community for several
years and it's about

time this happened.

Good work and much success.


Mark Dippe



New Line Cinema


Dear Masa

I think that it is fantastic that you are starting a
Siggraph chapter

in Tokyo! Let us hope that we can anticipate future
Siggraphs taking

place in countries other than the USA. Computer Graphics
is an emerging

medium that belongs to the world! Imagine what new
insights the mind of

an aborigine or eskimo might bring to our field when
empowered by



Michael Tolson

Principal Scientist

Xaos Tools, Inc. SF USA


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