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「シーグラフ東京 第58回セミナー」

ポール・デベベック氏 講演会のお知らせ

Paul Debevec 氏 講演会
題名 "From Spider-Man to Avatar, Emily to Benjamin: Achieving Photoreal Digital Actors"


Paul Debevec 氏の最前線の研究が、様々な映画の特殊効果技術として
役立っていること、リアルなデジタル俳優をいかにして制作するか、LightStage の活用を、


--------- ご講演概要 -------------------------------------------------------------

主催   TOKYO ACM SIGGRAPH (シーグラフ東京)
開催日 : 2010年 9月 16日(木曜日)
開場   : 6:30 PM
開始   : 7:00 PM
終了   : 8:00 PM

藤原洋記念ホール 慶應義塾大学(日吉キャンパス)協生館

 (会場は地図 23 番の藤原洋記念ホールです。)

定 員  座席指定はありません。全席自由席となります。
講演言語:Paul Debevec 氏のご講演は英語で行なわれます。通訳の用意はありません。



Paul Debevec is Associate Director of Graphics Research
at the University of Southern California's Institute for
Creative Technologies and a Research Associate
Professor in USC's Viterbi School of Engineering's
Computer Science Department.

His 1996 PhD thesis from the University of California,
Berkeley presented Façade, an image-based modeling and
rendering system for creating photoreal architectural models from photographs.
Using Façade, he led creation of virtual cinematography
of the Berkeley campus for his SIGGRAPH 97 film "The Campanile Movie".
Techniques from that film were subsequently used to create
virtual backgrounds for "bullet-time" shots in "The Matrix".

He pioneered high-dynamic-range (HDR) image-based
lighting techniques in his animations "Rendering with Natural Light",
"Fiat Lux", and "The Parthenon", and he led the design of HDR Shop,
the first HDR image editing program. At ICT,
Debevec has led development of a series of Light Stage devices for digitizing the shape
and appearance of human faces, for which he received a Scientific and Engineering Academy Award
in 2010 with Tim Hawkins, John Monos, and Mark Sagar.

The recipient of ACM SIGGRAPH's first Significant New Researcher Award in 2001,
he co-authored the 2005 book High Dynamic Range Imaging
and chaired the SIGGRAPH 2007 Computer Animation Festival.
He is a member of the ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee,
the Visual Effects Society, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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